Welcome to the Online Declarations website....

This website allows registered users to:
  • Lodge Import and Export entries with Customs
  • Lodge Import ECI reports with Customs (for clearance of exempt-entry shipments and provision of Inward Cargo Reports)
  • Lodge Export ECI with Customs (for clearance of exempt-entry export shipments)
  • Lodge Carrier and Consolidator Outward Reports
  • Lodge Temporary and Sight Import entries and completion of these entry types
  • Cancel Entries, ECIs, and Outward Reports
  • Receive responses for these messages
  • Correct lodgements rejected for errors
  • View and print a Customs delivery order
  • Review past lodgements and responses
  • Excise Entries
  • Adjustment of entries and other transactions
  • MPI document submissions (BioWeb®)
To use this site you need to first register with NZ Customs. For more information from NZ Customs, on this process, click here: For more general information about the CusWeb and BioWeb site click here